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Guide for a Happy Cat

Our best-selling book was sold over 20.000 times world wide. Every cat owner needs to have read this.

Guide for a Happy Cat

People have been under the spell of the mysterious and elegant nature of the cat for thousands of years. They are one of our oldest animal companions and have been much-loved family members in households around the globe for generations. But have you ever felt that despite your good intentions and love, there are some things about your cat you don’t quite understand? Do you sometimes feel like it might be trying to tell you something? That you could make them even happier than they already are?

This book will change everything you once thought you knew about cats. You can use its many tips and insights to optimize your relationship with your cat. In this book, you will be taken on an intimate journey through the world of the domestic cat, covering all their natural instincts and mysterious behaviors. The tips and tricks are the outcome of hundreds of behavioral consultations. Your relationship with your cat will never be the same.


About the book

Cover: Hard cover with soft touch and gold title print
Measures: 24 x 17cm
N° of pages: 224

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Choose your country: Belgium (NL), France/Wallonie (FR)Netherlands, Germany, Italy, HungaryUSA, UK, Canada, South Africa, Australia, New-Zealand

Coming soon: Portugal, Taiwan, China


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Happy Readers

From now on, we are effortlessly adapting our own behavior in a subtle way more and more so the cats have less stress around the house. I understand their behavior so much more now, and I feel more confident. One of my cats was quite unhappy and stressed and she has completely flourished since I read the book. And so am I! Thank you so much, Anneleen!

Annuska R.

Cat mummy of Millau, Kato en Hermelien, Wetteren, Belgium

I read ‘I love Happy Cats’ and it is amazing! I recently adopted two beautiful little kittens and your book is a true eye-opener. I grew up with cats and I thought I knew a lot about them. Well, I didn’t! I’ve changed so many things around the house now. The change was instant! All small things but oh so effective! It’s not because ‘we used to do it like that all the time before, ‘ that we should keep doing it. Your book has changed every idea I had about cats and I am forever grateful!

Anne-Fleur N.

Cat mummy of Victor and Olivier, Overijssel, The Netherlands

Are you a cat owner for many years now or a little one just walked into your life? In both cases, reading the book of cat behavior colleague Anneleen Bru is an absolute necessity! In this amazing book, you will find all the basic information you need to know as an owner. It reads fluently, it’s illustrated with lots of useful graphics, and it’s full of thorough and valuable practical advice, based on years of scientific research about cat behavior and also Anneleen’s years of experience as a cat behavior counselor.

Joline De Jaegher

Cat Behavior Counselor, Chat-o-Gand, Ghent, Belgium


I found your book “I love Happy Cats” authoritative and enjoyable reading”

Dr. sc. Dennis C. Turner

Co-author of 'The Domestic Cat: The Biology of its Behaviour'