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You love your cat,
we give you the tools to
make her happier than ever.


In our online courses, you can learn everything you need to know about your cat’s behaviour and how to understand it and change it.


It is my mission to help cat owners and cat professionals with more understanding, knowledge and insights on our cat’s behaviour. This way we can make our cats happier, strengthen the relationship we have with them and keep them out of shelters.

I have developed a new model, called the Cat Matrix®, that is a general therapy plan for every owner who experiences undesirable behaviour in their cats. This model was designed, based on my last 200 therapy plans. So I promise you: it will work, because we have tested it hundreds of times, over and over and over again with amazing results.

We will go much further than just the basics, you will truly hold all the knowledge about understanding, analysing, training and influencing your cats for the rest of your life!

These online courseswas designed in such a way for you to easily learn through video, audio and text, whenever and wherever suits you best.

Let’s make your cats happier than ever!

Love, Anneleen
MSc Companion Animal Behaviour Counselling
University of Southampton (UK)
Certified Cat Behavior Consultant (IAABC, USA)

Our Cat Matrix Model to optimise your cat’s happiness

After 10 years working as a cat behaviourist, I’ve created a generic therapy plan, called the Cat Matrix. After analysing my last 200 therapy plans, I noticed that a lot of behavioural problems are solved using a certain similar order of steps, whatever the root of the problem actually was.

The Cat Matrix is a 50-step model that is easy to follow, structured, practical and hands-on. It is a proved model with an amazing success rate to optimise your cat’s welfare. Whether you want to optimise your cat’s happiness or you are observing unwanted behaviour or a behavioural problem, then this model will change everything.

The Cat Matrix exists out of 50 Steps, covered in 5 Parts:

  1. Absolute Basics
  2. Strengthening the relationship with your cat
  3. Stimulating natural behaviour
  4. Training & management of your cat’s behaviour
  5. Dealing with unwanted behaviour


◔ 7h00 | ✎ 36.000 words | 90



Understanding your cat’s behaviour

Cat Wheel

The Cat Wheel is a model where we will discuss all different influences on and causes of problem behaviour in cats in order to understand where this behaviour comes from. This online course is an introduction course before starting with the Cat Matrix.

◔ 2h07 | ✎ 14.500 words | 17


Guide for a Happy Cat

This is the online training of the first book ‘I love Happy Cats – Guide for a Happy Cat’. Here you will learn all the basic concepts that I have observed as a cat behaviourist that I notice owners are missing and that might cause misunderstandings.




Cat Behavioural Problem Files

Inappropriate Urinating

We dive into all different causes for house soiling, which often has more than one reason and often happens for a very good reason. You get a practical step-by-step plan with all possible solutions to solve this problem behaviour within days .

Available June 8th


We talk in detail about all different causes of spraying (also known as urine marking) in cats and we provide you with a practical and in-depth plan on how to solve this problem behaviour in a positive, permanent en cat friendly way.

Available June 8th

Aggression between cats

Aggression between cats is the consequence of many different factors and is something we need to change asap. We look at all causes as well as a clear step-by-step plan full of techniques and tricks to bring peace back in the house.

Available June 8th

Human-directed aggression

Aggression from cats towards their owner or unfamiliar people can be traumatic. With a complete set of insights on the underlying reasons for this behaviour and an in-depth plan, you’ll know how to tackle this problem behaviour.

Available June 8th


Scratching is normal behaviour in cats yet often misunderstand. In this chapter we look at all motivations that cause scratching behaviour and how you can channel this in a fun, correct and often simple way.

Available June 8th

Every day we fight for happier cats

I truely hope I can inspire you to do the same