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Frequently asked questions


About Happy Cats
Who is Anneleen Bru?

Anneleen Bru (°85) is a cat behaviour counsellor, graduated with a Masters degree in Companion Animal Behaviour Counselling from the University of Southampton (UK). In 2008 she started her company Felinova (Latin felis = ‘cat’ and nova= female adjective for ‘new’, the new cat in all its means). Anneleen is based in Belgium, Europe.

Anneleen’s mission to make cats happier and to improve the relationship with it’s owner. To achieve this goal she has done countless coachings, consultations, lectures, study and course days, organising yearly conferences and a professional diploma called the ‘Felinova Cat Coach’, and written three books, all with that same goal.

She is chairman of the Belgian Association of Animal Behaviour Professionals and mentors other cat professionals to improve their business and cat welfare at the same time. From 2020 she will go worldwide with her books and she will focus on online presence so she reach cat owners world wide.

In 2017 she started the ‘I love Happy Cats’ project, her biggest and most ambitious project to improve cat welfare worldwide.

What is the Happy Cat Revolution?
The Happy Cats Revolution is a movement, that started in 2017 when Anneleen’s first book came out in Flanders. With over 20.000 copies sold and countless numbers of cat owners being transformed in how they look at their cats, understand and interprete their behaviour and how they provide their cats with resources, the revolution had started.

Middle of 2019 the catfluencer challenge changes a lot. Thousands of cat owners and professionals registered and participated in the catfluencer movement and started sharing scientifically based information on social media, making a small difference on their own, in their own network of friend and family.

Anneleen’s third book that was self-published late 2019 with 6000 copies sold till now, was called ‘I love Happy Cats Revolution’ and evolved around a new model she created, named the Cat Matrix’ to change and manage cat behaviour. It is her goal to reach cat owners around the world to start looking at their cats differently.

What is the Catfluencer Challenge?
The Catfluencer challenge is a list of free emails that you can sign up for with practical and fun insights and tips about cat behaviour. The challenge here is to not only read it but also to share this information with your network, for example by telling your colleagues, forwarding an email to your sister or sharing a cute cat picture with an interesting tip instead of just a cute cat picture. Sinds july 2019 over 10.000 people have registered as a Catfluencer.

Catfluencers can be recognised by the catfluencer frame on their facebook profile picture and by their posts that contain the hashtags #catfluencer #catfluencers #ilovehappycats #happycats

All the information send out in the Catfluencers emails can be shared wherever, whenever, with who ever, together we spread the word for happy cats

What is the Cat Matrix?
The Cat Matrix is a theoretical model that Anneleen has created as a result of analysing hundreds of her last therapy plans. This model that is build out of 5 chapters is scientifically based, experience driven, proven, structural, and consists out of 50 small steps to reduce stress, enhance cats’ welfare and change undesirable behaviour in cats. You can find more information about the Cat Matrix here.
Is there a community I can join on Facebook?
Yes! We have a warm and welcoming community, called the Catfluencer Community. You can join here.
Practical information
What is the mission of this website?
This website is a platform, created by Anneleen Bru, to help cat owners to improve the relationship with their cats, make their cats even happier than before and to solve undesirable behaviour.
What can I find on this website?
We are working to improve this website every single day. At this point you can find the following things:

– registration for the catfluencer email challenge (free)
– information about our I love Happy Cats books and where to order them (€ 20-25)
– improve cat behaviour and undesirable behaviour with our online courses (€ 17-90)

We are working on launching an app and a podcast later this year!

Can I get free advice on my cat's behaviour here?

Unfortunately, as much as we would want to, it it impossible to provide individual free advice. We have created an easy, affordable and proven model, called the Cat Matrix that holds all the answers to improve stress and unwanted behaviours. If you have a particuliar question, it’s best to join our Catfluencer Facebook Community and ask it there, where we can all help each other.

Is there an app of this website?
Not yet, we are working on that!
What do I do if I forgot my password?

You go to the account page and you choose ‘Forgot my password’. Type in your email address and a new password will be sent to you, that you can change, once you have logging in.

Where do I log into my account?

You simply go to ‘My account’ in the menu on top of each page, where you can fill in your login/emailaddress and password. If you have forgotten your password, you can ask for a reset on that same page.

Undesirable behaviour in cats
My cat is acting weird all of a sudden, what do I do?
The first thing you do if your cat is acting different or strange, however small or big, you take your cat to the vet as soon as possible. Cats are masters in hiding pain, so any change in behaviour is already a sign is severely wrong. Please insist on blood and urine lab examination, as this is the only way to be sure that your cat is ok or not. If your vet does not want to proceed with these tests, please find another professional who will.
My cat is urine marking (a.k.a. spraying), what do I do?

I understand how stressed you must feel! If your cat is not castrated or spayed, then this is the first thing you need to to as urine marking is a sexual communication sign in the first place. If your cat is neutered, then most cases spraying is a sign of stress, that could be caused by disease/pain in the first place. So take your cat to the vet first.

If she is physically fine, then start by ordering our e-book on spraying. This document is the result of 10 years on the road as a cat behaviourist and tells you all possible causes of spraying as well as what you need to do. This e-book can be followed up by the Cat Matrix online course, as reducing spraying is mainly the result of general stress reduction. The Cat Matrix is intensive but holds ALL information you need to know to stap spraying for good.

My cat urinates or eliminates outside of the litter tray, what do I do?
My cat scratches the furniture and I do not want this, what do I do?
My cats are fighting, what do I do?
My cat attacks me, what do I do?
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