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How many boxes can you tick off the Checklist for a happy cat?

We all want happy cats, but there is so much information of all kinds, where on earth do you start? I had the same question: where do I start, my head is full of ideas! You can’t discuss everything at once, and that’s fine. During behaviour consultations I often see owners being overwhelmed with information, sometimes it’s just a little bit too much

That’s why we love lists!

We promote extra attention to 18 basic needs your cat needs you to pay attention to. If your cat is missing certain things in her environment or sees them as unpredictable or unsafe, this increases the likelihood of stress, anxiety and possibly other undesirable behaviour.

Here we go:
O My cat has food and drink bowls that are far apart from each other
O My cat has at least two food locations, far away from each other
Oh My cat has at least two drinking areas, far away from each other
O My cat has at least two litter trays, far away from each other
O My cat has a litter tray that is optimized in size, shape, litter type, location, hygiene etc.
Oh My cat always has the choice to walk away from anything she may not like
O My cat can hide in safe places if she thinks it’s necessary
O My cat has 24/7 access to every room in the house
O My cat is not being picked up
O My cat is only petted when she comes to ask for it herself
O My cat is not threatened by outdoor cats in any way (physical & visual)
O My cat can go up high in hidden places as well as passageways, these lookouts are always available
O My cat is allowed up high anywhere she wants to, when she wants to
Oh My cat is not being aversively punished in any way
O My cat receives respect for her behaviour, needs and instincts
O My cat goes to the vet at least once a year
O My cat is being observed carefully for any sign of pain or changes in her behaviour which might indicate an medical issue.
O I let my cat can smell my hand before I pet her

Take a look at this checklist and think about what you can’t tick off. Why is that? What’s stopping you? What can you do to make it possible? Maybe brainstorm again, with your family? Maybe you can accommodate your cat a little bit better or just take it a little bit more into account? Good luck!

Love, Anneleen ♡

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