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What are cats crazy about in the house?


Yes, edges. Now you think that’s funny huh :)!

It may be a weird choice but I asked myself the question: what is your cat’s greatest love in the house now? What does she love, above all else?

Really? Edges. Whatever you have in the house, from the moment you have a box, a basket or a laundry basket, who crawls into it? Your cat? Do you recognize it?

Cats are meso predators, which means that they are hunters themselves but they also get hunted on. That together with a solitary hunter without a group (see challenge #9) means that they have to be able to bring themselves to safety constantly and want to be on the lookout.

Any reliable place in the house where they can jump in and are provided with edges around themselves where they can put their butt against, is very desirable. It means no one will be attacking you from the back. By the time something dangerous wants to climbs into your basket, you’ll be long gone.

Cats love edges to hide, to look out, to go to the toilet, to sleep, to be examined at the vet etcetera. You can read more about this topic in the Revolution e-book in the Cat Matrix Chapter in Step 9.

Love, Anneleen ♡

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