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3 golden tips to strengthen your relationship with your cat

What’s on the Happy Cats menu today? The three golden rules to make every cat crazy about you!

1. Ignore all forms of natural behaviour

When your cat is engaged in her daily routine and activities, we find in practice that it’s extremely good for the cat to leave her completely and completely alone. After all, the cat is by nature a solitary hunter (not a solitary animal, a solitary hunter) and is completely dependent on herself to get food and keep herself safe.

So ignore the following:
• Sleeping (oh, that’s so much harder than you think, just let that little cute ball of fluff sleep, don’t touch!)
• Grooming
• Toileting
• Eating
• Drinking
• Exploring her surroundings
• Playing and hunting
• Communication with scent: head bumping, scratching and spraying
• Sensory perceptions: smelling, watching, listening
• Undesirable behaviour must be completely ignored, otherwise you’ll make it worse.

Of course, we are talking about normal situations where you don’t have to intervene, rather than aggression between cats or possible dangers for example.

2. If you can’t look your cat in the eye, pretend she does not exist

If your cat can’t see you, she thinks you can’t see her either. It’s as simple as that. Can you imagine how hard it must be, when your cat is sleeping or she lays with her back turned to you, thinking you can’t see her and suddenly ‘”HERE KITTY!”! + PET + PICKING HER UP + CUDDLE’.

That’s terrible for your cat, isn’t it? She thinks unconsciously: “Oh dear, next time I’ll have to hide somewhere else or somewhere further away, because this is an unpredictable place.” And if there’s one thing cats really care about, it’s predictability and safety.

If you can’t look your cat in the eye, your cat thinks you can’t see her, and you leave her completely alone. Is she lying with her back to you (not the greeting, rolling around, showing her butt, that’s not what I mean), is she lying somewhere under or on or in something so that she’s hidden, is she lying in another room, etc., leaving her alone, will do miracles, I promise you!

You and the environment become safer and more predictable, great!

3. Always let her smell your hand first, always!

Cats like to know what is coming. They observe mainly with their sense of smell rather than vision because they can’t focus on items which are less than 1m from them. So don’t just go petting your cat on the head straight away without an introduction first! Always let her smell your hand first and give her time to calmly ‘smell’ everything. By doing this, she will learn that you are predictable, and although she might turn away the first time, next time (or sometimes even within a minute) she will come back, smell again, and then give you some head bumps telling you that you approaching her is totally ok for her.

So you wait for her permission by observing her reaction: a head bump against your hand. All the rest (looking away, walking away, just doing nothing) means she doesn’t feel like it after all. If you pet her, you’re scoring minus points. The choice is yours 🙂

Love, Anneleen ♡

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