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What is a healthy food routine for your cat?

Can your cat eat in a healthy, safe and natural way? This checklist applies to healthy adult cats and it is very important that all 6 tips are executed at the same time for a full effect.

Dry food is always available

A cat eats an average of 10 to 15 times a day. So it’s not healthy to feed your cat only twice a day, even if she is too fat or is on a special diet. You can do all the points from this list simultaneously and then you bring everything back into balance for some mealtime zen.

Multiple dining locations in the house

Because a cat in nature will never eat in the same place. This helps prevent boredom, is healthier and much more natural. The golden rule is your number of cats + 1 extra, so if you have two cats then you need three bowls. Put them on the ground, as well as in high up locations and close to rest and sleeping places, which are naturally safe and self-selected by the cat.

My cat has to work for her food

My cat has to work for her food because that’s what she does in nature. Each eating station is a form of food enrichment such as an slow down bowl, food ball, egg carton, etc. This is natural, fun, provokes natural behaviour and works against boredom. If there is any tension between the cats, you have to be careful and only add enrichment when the tension is under control.

Eating and drinking areas are far apart from each other

Food is never next to the drinking bowl because that is unnatural and demotivating to drink. Provide at least two different passageways to eating and drinking locations and provide at least 1.5m between locations.

My cat gets exercise

Let your cat exercise by letting her play with a fishing rod toy through your home every day. A few minutes is more than enough. She burns calories, feels happy and stays supple and fit.

My cat gets the right diet

Feed your cat the right food by adapting it to the cat. Avoid food with colours. Discuss with your vet which food is best for your cat in terms of nutritional value to stay healthy and fit.

Love, Anneleen ♡

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