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Why is covering up your windows the best non-invented invention for your cat ever?

Your cat may feel threatened by seeing unfamiliar cats outside because they come staring in. And its owner just does not notice. He or she might even say to me: “Oh, but that’s Felix, the neighbours’ cat, who comes by every day to say hello. And then they sit and look at each other.”

So now you can guess why I am feeling stressed right now! They just gave me the reason for the behavioural problem.

Staring is extremely aggressive in cats, it is a full on war zone!

Cats are equipped with a repertoire of defence techniques to deter potential remote threats. It is important for them to minimize all chances of a fight. If a cat is injured, her chances of survival are reduced. This decreases her ability to hunt and can make her sick. One of the first methods chosen is staring.

Many owners are very worried when they hear this.
“Oh, but how can I tell the difference?” “If my cat looks around, does she feel threatened?”

Of course not, her sight is still a sense that she uses to observe the environment around her and there is a difference between looking and staring.

Cats can look around, explore, look at each other, in a normal way in which the pupils, the eyes themselves and the nose and whiskers are relaxed. When they are very relaxed, they will blink with their eyes softly. That is also a very nice one for us to pick up: return this gesture to your cat. Then you are saying all is well, that you do not want to hurt each other but just love each other. This is the opposite of staring.

Staring is thoroughly looking often at a fixed point, with eyes wide open. You cannot observe a lot from eye pupils. When the whole pupil is wide and black, your cat is frightened, but that is usually not the case here while staring. Your cat is ready to defend herself. How thin or round the pupils are, depends mainly on the presence of light, so her eyes themselves, meaning the edges around the eye, and how tense they are, that is more important.

A cat stares to try and chase away threats in general such as other cats or a dog, a fierce quarrel, a hostile encounter. But we do not notice that because this usually happens in silence.

The golden tip

If you have windows down to the ground, cover them up with non-see-through window foil. You can find these in every handy DIY shop and they cost about 6-10 euros. Applying this film to the window from the ground with the width of the roll you just bought will make a world of difference to your cats. Try it!

Love, Anneleen ♡

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