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Happy Cat

A program for happy cats & happy owners 

Go to the next level in our Happy Cat Bootcamp and enjoy an intensive online programme including video, transcript and group support.

In our closed Happy Cat Bootcamp you get access to the following assets to extend your knowledge of cat behaviour:


  • One month program with daily video lessons that you can watch whenever and wherever you like.
  • Subtitles and transcript available for those who like to read
  • Daily (optional) homework
  • Group support on Facebook


For who is this Happy Cat Bootcamp?

If your recognise any of the following needs,
this online training is a good solution for you.


Better understanding

You thoroughly want to understand your cat and would really love some personal assistance with that.

Behaviour problems

Your cat is showing undesirable behaviour and it is important that you get all the details explained to you on what to do to change it for good.

Practical Advice

You know what your cat needs, but you would like more inspiration on how to practically proceed with easy and cheap tips to change your own behaviour and your cat’s surroundings in order for your cat to be happier.

Here you can find a little sneak peek of how our online training looks like. You can get an introduction to all steps by navigating on the graphic.

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