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Happy Cats Revolution E-book


“Prevent, manage and modify stress in your cat(s) with the advice in this book”

Anneleen Bru, cat behaviourist (MSc CABC, IAABC)

The book contains 386 pages of practical and hands-on advice, new structured models, unique step-by-step plans on how to optimise a cat’s happiness, authentic cat pictures, and tons of insights to understand, train, manage, adjust and change cat behaviour where needed.

Your cat will become happier and your relationship will improve. Whether your cat is showing a behaviour problem or not, this book will surprise and help you in many ways!


386 p. | ✎ 76.000 words


You will find following information in the book:

  • Cat Wheel: model that explains why one cat shows different (problem) behaviour than other cats
  • Cat Matrix: 50-step plan which serves as a generic therapy plan for happy cats as well as stressed cats that show problem behaviour. Contains 40+ easy and practical step-by-step plans to implement in your household.
  • Scratching: why do cats scratch and all the solutions to channel this behaviour
  • House soiling: why cats can show inappropriate urinating, all reasons and all solutions to solve this behaviour
  • Spraying: normal yet very undesirable, all reasons to understand and solutions to implement to decrease this behaviour
  • Inter-cat aggression: one of the most common behaviour issues in cats, understand what is going on and how you can fix tense situations in your home.
  • Human-directed aggression: to be taken serious, we go through all emotions and motivation behind this behaviour and what to do to decrease stress levels in both cat and owner.

What will change after reading this book?

The information in this book will change the way you look at your cat,
the way you respond to her and a whole new world will open up to you.


Your cat will thrive

Your cat can become the best version of herself, be the happiest she ever was and truly enjoy your company.

Problem behaviour
will resolve

Because now you know why your cat was showing this behaviour and by following the step-by-step plan you changed your cat’s behaviour.

A stronger bond

You will understand each other better and you will have more fun in your relationship.

Your cats will get along (better)

You will see a positive change in how your cats respond to each other and they will actually start liking each other!

A happier cat

All stressed behaviour will melt like snow in the sun and your cat will truly be happier. You will be able to witness that every single day!

You are a real
catfluencer now!

You can now tell people around you about the positive changes you experienced and can inform them about cat-friendly ways of dealing with cat behaviour problems.

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