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About the Happy Cat Bootcamp

We developed a model to make your cat the happiest cat in the world


Our first book, the Happy Cats Guide is now available wordwide!

What will you learn in this book?

    • Why there is no such thing as dominance in cats
    • Why you better never put water and food bowls next to each other
    • Why cats are afraid of cucumbers
    • How you can read how your cat is feeling by simply observing her whiskers
    • Why we never put two cats together that don’t know each other
    • How you can give your cat kisses in ‘cat language’
    • Why cats adore boxes
    • Why your cat won’t play with the toys you’ve provided
    • Why cats always love people that don’t like cats
    • And so much more!

    Order the book now: USA, UK, Canada, South Africa, Australia, New-Zealand, Belgium (NL), France/Wallonie (FR)

    Coming soon: Netherlands, Germany, Portugal, Hungary, Italy, Taiwan, China

About Anneleen

Anneleen Bru (°1985) has a degree in Communication Sciences (UA) and an MSc in Animal Behaviour Counselling (University of Southampton) and, via her company Felinova, has been promoting the happiness of cats since 2008.

Anneleen chairs the Flemish Association of Animal Behaviour Professionals Vereniging voor Diergedragstherapeuten (VDG) and is a full certified member of the International Assocation of Animal Behavior Consultants (US). Come 2020, she will be launching her book ‘I love Happy Cats’ internationally so that cats across the globe get to lead a happier life.

She is a creative entrepreneur, a popular (inter)national speaker, lectures, coaches other cat professionals and is a pioneer in the Flemish cat sector.

Every single day Anneleen fights for more understanding of our cats’ behaviour, needs and happiness. By informing, entertaining and inspiring cat owners and professionals, she is a fierce inspiration for many people to start looking at the cat in a new way.

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